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pit<hEd – infinity

Artist: pit<hEd
Release name: infinity
Release date: 01/13/2015
Catalogue number: TEQ010

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pit<hEd – infinity (Original Mix)

pit<hEd – recurring reverse EP

Artist: pit<hEd
Release name: recurring reverse EP
Release date: tba
Catalogue number: TEQ011

pit<hEd – priest (Original Mix)
pit<hEd – conditional (Original Mix)
pit<hEd – known flood (Original Mix)

mind blowing

Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra – Propaganda EP

Artist: Thomas Kaire, Ruiz Sierra
Remixer(s): Sadder, SubSight
Release name: Propaganda EP
Release date: Beatport: 06/22/2014 World: 08/19/2014
Catalogue number: TLR001


Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra – Propaganda (Original Mix)
Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra – The Experience (Original Mix)
Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra – Propaganda (Sadder Remix)
Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra – The Experience (SubSight Remix)


The upcoming very talented Ruiz Sierra and his friend Thomas Kaire
debut now with their “PROPAGANDA” EP on TEQLOUNGE.REC.
The EP includes two techno tracks “Propaganda” and “The Experience”.

Both tracks are each topped off with a remix.
“Propaganda” from our good friend and well known
columbian minimal/techno artist Sadder and
“The Experience” from the france hard techno producer SubSight.

We are very proud about this awesome release!
Enjoy it!

Old releases Catalogue: TEQ

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